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This page allows you to configure your mobile app.


Current Map or Layer

This section allows you to change the map or layer you are viewing on the mobile app. A map is like a layer, but contains a default view, default base map imagery or vector data, and a set of zero or more layers. Items can be place directly on map. However, when a item is a attached to a map, it can only be viewed on the one map. In general, we recommend using layers when collecting data and attaching the layers to one or more maps. A map is a set of viewing configurations, but it also may contain layers and items not attached to layers. If using a layer and not a map, you will still see a base set of images or vector data, but it's not attached to the layer itself, it's used as a visual aid.

Create Maps or Layers

This section allows you to create a new map or layer or group map or group layer. Once you tap the create button, the new layer or map is created and you are taken to the fresh map or layer.


This section allows you to go to a preset view. A view is a preset location on a map with a specific zoom level and base map. This section also allows you to select an article and navigate to that article on the map you are using.

Item Display

This section allows you to select the maximum age of items visible on the map. In addition, you can set the maximum number of items viewable on the screen.

User Overlays

An overlay is a set of items grouped together on a layer and attached to your map. You can toggle these overlays on and off by selecting the check box next to the overlay name.


Hierarchies are a predefined group of layers that can be toggled on and off.