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From the My Maps page, you will be able to see and edit shared group maps and any personal maps you have created.

Note: If you are having trouble getting the Map Viewer or Map Editor to open when you click a map, you may need to allow pop-ups from in your browser

Nav Bar

The navigation bar at the top has a few links so that you can quickly create a new map, or view your maps by category. Each category link leads to a page that lists the maps in a concise form that does not show map avatars. Links to existing maps have the same behavior as the links under the "Maps" menu of the My Profile page; they open the map in the MapWithUs Map Viewer.

New Map
You can create a new map here. Clicking this link creates a new private map called "Untitled" and opens the map editor in a new window so you can start making changes immediately. You can learn more about the editor by reading about the MapWithUs Map Editor. The map is initially private, but once you give it a name you can publish it for the public, or your group, to see. For more information, read how to Create a New Map.
My Public Maps
View a condensed list of all maps that have been published for the public.
My Private Maps
View a condensed list of all your private (unpublished) maps.
My Group Maps
View a condensed list of all maps that have been published to your group.

Your Maps

This section takes up the bulk of this page, and lists your maps in reverse chronological order with attached avatars. Clicking on a map title will the map in the Map Editor so you can make changes.

Your Latest Group Maps
A list of maps that have been published to your group.
Your Latest Personal Maps
A list of your personal maps. All of your public and private maps will be listed here with most recently modified maps at the top.