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Our Creator Tab is where you will want to go to create or edit your maps. Getting started with a new map has never been more simple and editing your existing map is even easier.

The Creator Tab consists of two main sections: the Creator Tab Landing Page and the Map Creation page.


Creator Tab Landing Page

The Creator Tab Landing Page provides a soft introduction to the actual creation page. From there, you will be able to get quickly started creating or editing your MapWith.Us maps. The landing does the following:

  • Lists directions for how to get started making your own maps.
  • Contains links to view listings of your private and public maps.
  • Houses a a listing of your recently modified maps. Clicking on the map in the listing will open it up in edit mode.
  • Provides a link to jump right into editing a brand new map.

Map Creation Page

The Map Creation Page is home to our advanced suite of map-making tools. The page consists of two main components, the Creator Map and the Map Tools And Settings pane.

The Creator Map

The map in the creator tab is like the canvas of a master painter. It is unassuming and willing to be molded into just about any sort of map that you could envision. You can find more specific information about the tools available on the map itself on our page about the Creator Map.

Map Tools & Settings Pane

The Map Tools And Settings pane appears to the left of the map on the Map Creation page and is home to all of the tools and settings you will need to publish and view your map. A detailed breakdown of the features available can be found in the documentation for Map Tools And Settings.