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MapWithUs GIS provides critical services to engineering firms. Our mobile GIS product allows engineers and construction companies in the field to acquire data for project management and share that data in real time with colleagues and customers to be used from planning to implementation. We provide a competitive edge for your company that will allow you to save on materials such as pencils, paper, clipboards, and time of data transmission. Our applications are customizable for your companies specific needs so that you can distribute it to your fleet or group to be used for your specific projects or jobs. Our systems are compatible with other data acquiring software that you may already be using. We are able to import and export KML files to and from other systems which allows you to keep your data you have acquired prior to using our system.


MapWithUs GIS provides critical services to municipalities. Our full gamut of tools rivals ESRI, yet is easy to use and provides support for group collaboration. One major differentiating feature is our mobile GIS product. The mobile product allows workers in the field to acquire data and share that data in real time with colleagues and customers.

Workforce Management

Streetbrew is the perfect solution for any company that sends employees out in the field to visit customers. Almost every field worker carries a smartphone, why not arm it with Streetbrew. Whether the employee is in sales, maintenances, security, or delivery it's important to know where, when, and how they completed their job. Understanding employee activities in the field can increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability of your workforce. Employers can set up virtual walls corresponding to customer locations. When your worker visits a customer, they can "check-in" via their smartphone at the location. Location based check-ins provide a way to verify the activities of your staff. In addition, the employee can leave virtual multimedia notes at any location that can quickly be shared with other co-workers and management. Since it's up to the employee to check-in, your staff doesn't feel as if you are tracking them.