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The MapWithUs search tools allow you to search through maps that others have created and made publicly available. When searching, all public maps that contain the relevant terms in their title, keywords, and about section will be displayed on the results page.

The Search Bar

The quickest and easiest way to search for a map is to enter your search terms into the search bar in the top right corner of the main page. Clicking "Search" will open the results page in a new tab, along with some more refined searching options (described below).

Search Results

The search results page is split up into two main sections: Search for maps, and Published maps. Search for maps allows you to perform another search, with different criteria. Published maps shows a list of search results.

Search For Maps

Search bar
The text field at the top of this section is where you may enter and edit terms for your search. Hitting enter or clicking "Find published maps" will repeat your search.
Search by Location
Checking the 'Search by Location' box will reveal some new options to the right. A map should appear, with a text box underneath it titled "Enter a location."
The easiest way to search by location is to enter the desired location in the text box (e.g. Washington State), and click the "Find it" button. Your target location should appear in the map window. Clicking "Find published maps" will then update your search results to show maps with items in the displayed region.
You may also change the displayed map to show any region you want to search inside of. You can click the "Find published Maps" button once the map is showing the desired region and your search will be performed using your terms and location.
Order Results
You will also find a drop down menu in this section for specifying an order for your search results. Selecting an option from this drop down menu will reorder the results using the desired criteria.
Best Match
Places maps that best fit your search terms at the top.
Date Modified
Lists the maps in order they were last modified. Newest places the most recently modified maps at the top, and oldest places them at the bottom.
Date Created
Like date modified, but uses the date the map was created.
Shows the most viewed maps at the top of the results list.
Orders the search results alphabetically by title.
Orders the results by the amount of time a map's creator has been registered with MapWithUs.
Find Published Maps
This button will repeat your search using the terms in the search box above.

Published Maps

This lower section of the page lists the results of your search. It is mostly straightforward, but there are a few options here to customize how your results are displayed.

The first blue button under the published maps will allow you to specify a time interval for your search. Clicking this button will reveal links to the right to specify a time interval. Only maps that have been updated in the selected time interval will be shown. You can specify maps that have been modified in the last day, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 365 days, or all time. The default value is all time. Clicking the days button once again will hide these links without selecting a new time interval.
The second blue button, to the right of the days button, will allow you to specify how many maps show up on a single search results page. Clicking this button reveals links to the right that specify how many maps you'd like to see. You can show 10, 20, 50, or 100 maps on each page.
This bar will allow you to navigate through the pages of search results. Click the arrows to go up or down a page, or click the numbers to go to a specific page in the search results.
Search Results
The last section here shows your search results. Each result will show the map avatar, map title, creator's username, creation date, modification date, and a summary of the map. Each search result has three links associated with it.
Clicking the map avatar will show this map in the Map Viewer in the current window.
Clicking the map title will show this map in the Map Viewer in a new tab.
Clicking the creator's username will show you their profile summary, and a list of maps that user has published.