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Take your maps mobile

       Introducing a new mobile application that sends your mobile media straight to your MapWith.Us account from your mobile device.

What can I do with MapWith.Us Mobile?

       If you can see it or hear it, now you can map it.

MapWith.Us Mobile lets you upload pictures, audio, video, and text annotations to your maps on the Web directly from your mobile device. The application uses your phone's built in GPS to assemble your various media into map articles based on time and location.

By making use of MapWith.Us's new subscription services, users can also participate in community driven maps based on news, events, and other information.

What do my uploads look like?

       For an example of MapWith.Us Mobile photo, audio, video and text uploads, just browse any of our community free-for-all maps:



Supported Phones





Coming Soon


  • Samsung Instinct



  • Windows Mobile phones
  • Java enabled phones
  • Additional Android phones

If you have a phone not currently listed that successfully runs the MapWith.Us Mobile application, feel free to to <a href="http://mapwith.us/contact" target="_blank">contact</a> us and let us know. Please provide details about your handset, as well as any comments or suggestions you have about the mobile application.