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The Maps Tab is home to our streamlined interface for locating and viewing maps. Note that you will not be able to edit a map or attach overlays or content to it from the Maps Tab. If you wish to do such things, you need to head over to the Creator Tab.

The Maps Tab consists of two main sections: the Maps Tab Landing Page and the Viewing Map.


Maps Tab Landing Page

The Maps Tab Landing Page is where you end up when you first click on the Maps Tab. It contains a listing of all the sites public maps on the left side of the page. Although all maps are listed by default, the search can easily be narrowed down to find exactly what you are looking for. To search through all of our map listings for maps that have a particular keyword, make sure the Search by keyword box is selected and enter a keyword to search by. Similar to other places on the site where you can perform searches, on the Maps Landing Page you have the option of ordering your search results based on different criteria. For a detailed breakdown of the different options available, look through the documentation on the Find Items & Places tool for the Creator Tab or the Maps Tab. Alternatively, you can search the maps by location. If you would like to limit the number of matches to your search, or would like to display more results per page, click on the icons at the upper left of the results pane. By default, all results ( results) are displayed with 10 results listed per page. Clicking on a result will take you to that map's viewing page.

Map Viewing Page

The Map Viewing Page is home to our easy-to-use map viewer. Once you select a map to view, you will be taken to the map viewing area of the site. (A.k.a. the Maps Tab. It is made of two main components, The Viewing Map and the Map Information Pane.

The Viewing Map

The Viewing Map is the large map that appears on the map viewing page. It looks almost identical to the Creator Map but serves a different purpose and is related to a different set of activities and tools. If you are ever unsure of which map you are seeing, there are two simple ways to determine which you are seeing. If the pane next to the map appears on the left, you are looking at the Creator Map and if the pane appears on the right, you are looking at the Viewing Map. You can also just look to see if you are on the Creator Tab or if you are on the Maps Tab. The Creator Tab is home to the Creator Map while the Viewing Map appears on the Maps Tab. For more specific information about the tools available on the map itself, check our our page about the Viewing Map.

Map Information Pane

The Map Information pane appears to the right of the map on the Map Viewing page and provides detailed information about the map along with tools for map viewing. A detailed breakdown of the features and tools available in the Map Information Pane can be found in the documentation for Map Information.