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The site contains: (1) the information pages about our products and services (2) the "Account" Portal that allows you to log in, (2a) the "My Profile" portal that configures the web and mobile products and (2b) "My Maps" portal that launches the powerful web based mapping tool suite.

Note: The "My Profile" and "My Maps" portals do not appear until you log in via the "Account" Portal. The account portal log in is located in the upper right portion of the webpage. Homepage

Below is a list of the many options you will find on the homepage. Follow the links below for more detailed information about specific sections of the site.

Note: You may need to allow pop-ups from in your browser for all features to work properly

Account Portal

Before you have logged in, the Account Portal in the top right allows you to log in or sign up for an account. Once logged in, your avatar image will appear, and the links described below will lead you to the "My Maps" or "My Profile" pages.

My Maps
The My Maps link allows you to see all maps you are currently managing on When you click on a map for viewing or editing, a new browser window opens with the map and a tool suite. By default some browsers restrict opening new windows and pop ups, make sure you update your settings give the proper permissions.
My Profile
The My Profile link takes you to a page that allows you to customize your experience. Your profile allows you set up new users, buy licenses, manage groups, create and administer roles, customize your mobile interfaces, and much more.
This link will log you out of MapWithUs. Once you have logged out you will not have access to any editing privileges.

Menu Bar

The Home button takes you back to our main page, what you see when you direct your browser to This page provides an overview of the site and the services we offer.
The Products button takes you to a description of the products we currently offer.
The Solutions link provides information about using MapWithUs for your business or organization.
Under Resources you will find several links to help you use MapWithUs. Here you will find resources to answer questions you may have about the site as well as links to your maps and profile.
The Downloads section contains links to download the MapWithUs mobile apps. These apps allow you to upload items to your map from your phone.
Search Bar
The Search Bar allows you to search for maps that other users have published. Enter your search terms, and you'll be able to view maps by selecting them from the results. Web Toolkit

When you create new maps or click on a map from the "My Maps" page, the editor will open in a new tab. The editor is the primary tool for viewing and managing your map data. Check out Map Tools And Settings to find a comprehensive description of the map editor.

Map Editor
The Map Editor allows you to edit your map data and items.
Map Editor (new experimental)
The Map Editor (new experimental) is our new improved editor that allows you to edit layers, hierarchies, map data, items and more. The main difference between our old editor and new editor is that you can use multiple base layer APIs including OpenStreetMaps, ESRI, Google, Bing, and more.
Map Viewer
The Map Viewer is a tool that allows anyone to view others published maps.
By using our Search tools, you can find maps that other users have created and published for you to see. Mobile Mobile is the Android and iOS app counterpart to Web. mobile allows users to collect, view, and edit location based information from a mobile device. Mobile is a completely configurable app. The look and feel, and workflow can be configured from web. Visit the website and navigate to Profile>Group>Mobile to configure your mobile application. web also works on and offline allowing users to cache maps and mapping data and sync when connectivity is available.

The mobile app is simple yet powerful. The following pages describe the functionality of the user interface.

This button sends a message to your phones location services (GPS, wifi, cell) to find your current location. The button's label can be changed in the Profile>Group>Mobile settings on web. When this button is pressed, the label disappears, and accuracy information is shown, until the devices location services returns an acceptable location.
Pin Drop
This button creates a map item. The map item is temporary until it is saved using the Uploads button. The functionality can be modified using web. For example, by default when a pin is dropped, a menu of all data types shows up allowing you to create a simple or complex web item. However, you can change this by setting a default Template. When a default template is set, a custom data form pops up immediately after the pin drop, streamlining your data collection process.
This button opens the settings page. See the mobile Settings documentation for more information.
This button opens the uploads page. See mobile Uploads documentation for more information.


If you are just getting started or curious to see the site in action, take a look at our short and informative Video tutorials. These are currently out of date, but should still be useful to new users.

Listed below are links to other tutorial articles written to explain how to perform common tasks.

Embed Maps into Your Website
Subscribe to MapWith.Us
Group Operations


If you still can't find the information you are looking for, take a look around the Geomonkey forums. We will do our best to get back to you quickly with a personalized response to your question.